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The range extender is used for the wireless data connection between the MikroKopter and tablet, smartphone, etc..
It can be used for Waypoint flight and other telemety applications.

A smartphone or tablet can be connected via the Bluetooth interface with the range extender.

The MikroKopter connumnicates via 9xxMHz to the RangeExtender. Thus, a large range for MikroKopter (1000 - 2500mtr under good conditions) can be be achieved.

The range extender can be used with several programs ( Dubwise for SmartPhone via Bluetooth,...)
In addition, the range extender is needed for our Android Tablet-Too (MKTT). In the tablet firmware the ID of the RangeExtenders is used to unlock some of the software features (loading and saving of waypoints etc).

In the RangeExtender a NiMH battery with low self-discharge is installed. Means the range extender can work without additional supply over a longer period of time (about 5-8 hours).
When the battery is low on power, a sound signal warns you.
The RangeExtender needs a Power on the USB-Port for charging (PC, Laptop or external power supply)


  • range extender USB/BT <-> WI232 ( 904.475MHz (channel 2) )
  • built-in rechargeable battery
  • recharging the battery via USB port


  • 1 range extender with integrated rechargeable battery
  • 1 WI232 module for MK-Side
  • 1 USB connection cable and 10-pin. Cable
  • ID-Number for the tablet firmware. Enables the loading and saving of waypoint lists and the use of offline-Maps


  • There are several channels availabe in the shop. The channels don't disturbe each other
  • The use of this frequency is NOT allowed in Germany. Please check the rules for operation in your country before using it !
  • only for export - no sale within EU


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