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Easy assembling without any soldering !

Motros are already mounted on the riggers. (LED strips are also already installed.
As a result, the amount of work in assembling ws significantly reduced!

Okto Combi BL-Ctrl V3.0 included!

Also included:
1.5 CFK EDITION: stronger rigger (1.5mm), 8 strong CFK propeller included and one 5000 lipos

This is a kit to build a MK Okto XL.
The FlightCtrl 3.0 is included.

Powerful motor- prpeller - combination: 5000mAh LiPo (4s), 12"-EPP1245CF propellers and MK3638 Motors
With this set, much more payload can be transported. (like DSLR Canon 5D MarkII)

Delivered products may differ from the picture - note the delivery!
The photo below shows the MK-Okto XL fully assembled (camera and camera mount not included)

Box / Kit Contents

  • 1x FlightCtrl 3.0
  • 1x MKGNSS 4.0
  • Okto Combi BL-Ctrl V3
  • 1x MKUSB
  • 1x Okto Frame Set XL with anodized (coloured) riggers 1x (red, black 7x)
  • 4x HiLander-26
  • 1x black cap (can be painted from the inside)
  • 1x Transparent cap (can be painted from the inside)
  • 1x Lipo 5000/4s (FLAT version) - Y-cable for parallel usage also included
  • 4x pairs strong CFK1245/38 propeller
  • 8x MK3638 - black Brushless Motors
  • 1x connection cable for receiver
  • 1x LiPo Holder set - already assembled
  • Flex LED Tape for lighting already installed

What is missing?

  • Transmitter + Receiver (like HoTT or Jeti)
  • Lipo Charger (for example Ultramat 14 & Deans charging cable)
  • Please note the terms of the software with respect to commercial use

Useful extension


Instructions from ELEKTOR (englisch):

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