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Lipo-Saver for 3 and 4-cell Lipos with simple connection to the balancer-connector

If you want to use a Lipo to supply a device like a Monitor, the problem is, that a undervoltage-Warning is missing.

And if you would forget to disconnect the Lipo, the Lipo would get totally discharged and would be damaged. The LipoSaver solves that problem.

The LipoSaver:
- Warns you at a low voltage level
- Switches off the power
- Simply connects your Lipo on the balancer-Connector

Technical data

  • Voltage range 4s: Warning below 13,5V, Switch off below 12,5V
  • Voltage range 4s: Warning below 10,5V, Switch off below 9,4V
  • Eigenstromaufnhame: ca. 3mA
  • max. Stromentnahme: ca. 5A
  • Dimensions: 32x15x12mm
  • description in the Wiki


  • 1x PCB LiPoSaver
  • Cable tight
  • 1x Pin row to solder

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