Lipo Decoupler XT60

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With this decoupler it is more safe to connect two or more Lipos in parallel. It prevents a total power loss in the case that one Lipo makes a shortcut.
Basically it acts like a smart diode with (almost) no power loss. A high reverse current would happen in case of a short circut of one Lipo. This Lipo would be disconnected in that case and can't pull down the Voltage of the other Lipos.
The PCB also prevents high charging currents if someone connects a full lipo parallel to an empty lipo.

But our LipoDecoupler can even more: it allows a reverse current of 10A and switches off if the current goes over 10A.
With the limited reverse current, the active braking of the propellers is not effected -> the power of the rotating propellers can still go back into the Lipo.

For each used LiPo you need an own LipoDecoupler.

Technical data

  • Dimensions: 18 x 50 mm
  • Weight: 9g (without cables)
  • Voltage: 2-7S (6-35V)
  • 50A continuous current
  • Two LipoDecouplers can be connected parallel on one Lipo to increase the max. current
  • 150A peak (15 Sek.)
  • Impendance: 0,0005 Ohm
  • Voltage loss: 0,02V at 40A
  • Power loss: 1,0W at 40A
  • Reverse current (Energy recovery)


  • 1 piece with XT60 connector on the Lipo-Side


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