BL-Ctrl V2.0

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Brushless motor controller with fast response for the MikroKopter

This it is a SMD-preassembled BL-Ctrl-kit, only the capacitors have to be self-assebled.

The board is tested and programmed (including bootloader)

Note: The BL-Ctrl 2.0 controller is specifically designed and optimized for our MK3638 motor. For maximum stability of the MikroKopter setpoints are set almost instantaneously on the motor. If other motors (especially larger power classes) are used with this controller, this fast change of setpoints can easily lead to very high peak currents, which bring the BL-Ctrl control to the limit or an overload. This is no fault of BL-Ctrl2.0 controller, but a systemic property.
Please consider carefully whether a different motor is suitable.

Technical data

  • Integrated current measurementfor measuring the actual current and the used capacity
  • *
  • temperature messurement
  • voltage messurement
  • 11 Bit resolution (2048 steps)
  • Feedback to the MikroKopter (blocked motor, power limitation and more)
  • software configuration (e.g. current limit, temperature limit)
  • PCB: 4-layers (increased current-measuring shunt)
  • Supply: 3s - 5s
  • automatic current and temperature limitation
  • By high-performance MOSFETs 35A and 40A peak period are possible. (with appropriate cooling) - please read note above
  • Two LEDs (OK and Error)
  • Addressing the controller by jumper (address 1 - 8)
  • various interfaces (I2C, PPM, serial)
  • Drill: 3mm
  • Dimension (W x H): approx 44mm x 21mm

scope of delivery

  • 1 SMD-preassembled board
  • 2 low-ESR capacitors (25V)


  • This is a construction kit in which the SMD components already preloaded. Parts required for the operation must still be equipped themselves. (see delivery)

General Notice

  • The electronic components must be protected from moisture and humidity. When operating under such special conditions a corresponding (removable) protective coating must be used.


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