BL-Ctrl V1.2 (SMD preassembled)

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Brushless motor controller with fast response for the MikroKopter

This it is a SMD-preassembled BL-Ctrl-kit, only one Capacitor has to be self-assebled.

The board is tested and programmed (including bootloader)

Technical data

  • Integrated current measurementfor measuring the actual current and the used capacity
  • *
  • PCB: 4-layers (increased current-measuring shunt)
  • Supply: (3s + 4s)
  • automatic Current limitation
  • By high-performance MOSFETs 12A and 25A peak period are possible.
  • Two LEDs (e.g., OK and Error)
  • Addressing the controller by jumper
  • various interfaces (I2C, PPM, serial)
  • recommended motor: e.g. Robbe ROXXY 2827-35 or similar
  • Bore: 3mm
  • Dimension (W x H): approx 44mm x 21mm

scope of delivery

  • 1 SMD-preassembled board
  • Der zum Betrieb erforderliche Elko (low-ESR Typ) wird mitgeliefert und muss selbst eingelötet werden.


  • This is a construction kit in which the SMD components already preloaded. Parts required for the operation must still be equipped themselves. (see delivery)
  • Only for private, non-commercial use
  • The controlers should be protected from moisture


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